The first two years of a startup's life are tough. To survive and thrive, you want hands-on, head down, get 'er done  investors and advisors on your side.

That's what makes C2V different -- we don't just invest, we get involved. 

Need help with your go-to-market plan? We can do that. Trying to sort out ideal board composition, or develop partnerships? Been there, know someone. 

Our current portfolio includes 14 direct investments and a number of partnerships with other investment firms.

Once you're a part of C2V, everyone and everything we know is available to you, because we know what it takes to grow a vision into reality. 

When you're ready to talk to a different kind of investor, one who'll get in the trenches and fight with you to grow your business, drop us a line. You can also connect with directly on LinkedIn at and on AngelList at

Our founder - chris cunningham

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham

Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer at Unacast, the world’s largest network of beacon and proximity data, connecting the physical world to the digital for online retargeting and attribution. Unacast is a Norwegian startup that recently raised $5M in series A funding.  

An active tech start up investor, Chris founded C2 Ventures, a privately-held investment firm, to provide seed capital and advice to early stage technology startups.

Chris has been named one of the "Most Important People in Mobile Advertising" by Business Insider, as well as being an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2 years in a row. He's been a featured speaker at International CES, Cannes  Lions, IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting, dmexco, and f.ounders. He is a contributor to CNBC and Bloomberg TV via on-screen appearances, and is former co-chair of the IAB  Social Media committee and Native Advertising Task Force.

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