Zenrez and the Future of Finding Fitness

Instead of using bulk consumer marketing tactics, ZenRez are using their own software user acquisition techniques to personalize choices for consumers while onboarding for vendors (like the yoga studios) very easy which is crucial.

Start me up (again)

I’m beyond excited to share some news with you about my next adventure. It seems once a startup guy, always a startup guy.

My fondest career memories are centered around building something unique with a small and talented team.  To take the excitement and expectation of a good idea and overcome the challenges of growing and scaling is what I relish most. It’s very rare to find that perfect blend when you know it’s right -- young company, well funded, huge market potential and amazing people. All of these things are in place at Unacast and that’s why I decided to join the company as Chief Revenue Officer.   

Unacast PROX is the #1 platform for connecting beacons and other proximity sensors to marketing platforms at scale and globally -- we already cover 25% of the world’s beacons. Our goal is to connect the physical world to the digital world at a granular level and become THE independent aggregator of unique proximity data that other companies can build products on top of (retail analytics, ecommerce, social networks and more).

Unacast is headquartered out of Oslo, Norway but we’ve started building a big presence in the U.S. alongside some incredible industry partners, including marquee demand-side players such as BlueKai, Lotame, Opera and MediaMath. We’re working with the best of the best.

I was lucky enough to discover Unacast and its founders through c2v.partners, my angel investment and advisory firm that has worked with a number of incredible startups over the last two years. c2v is - and will remain - active as I pursue these new challenges with Unacast.

I am so excited to work with my many friends in the industry -- Expect some big announcements coming soon from the Unacast team!  

- Chris

Reflecting on my time with ironSource

A little over a year and a half ago, I joined a relatively unknown tech company out of Israel called ironSource.  At the time I could not have imagined what an exciting and fulfilling experience it would be. As I reflect back on my experience with ironSource, there are several highlights I’d like to call out.

First, the people of Israel are special.  I've been fortunate to have travelled there six times over the last 18 months and each time I visited I fell more in love with the people, the city of Tel Aviv, the technology DNA and the food!  The work ethic and resilience of Israelis is hard to match and very inspiring. Engineers fall over themselves to work at ironSource. The company has done an exceptional job of creating a culture that's contagious, electric and beyond fun.  

As a guy who has built a bunch of companies (most recently appsavvy) and is generally drawn to startups, I am lucky to have experienced firsthand how a global technology powerhouse operates. In my time with ironSource, I have seen all the signs of potential greatness. ironSource has made seismic acquisitions, launched game-changing products that support the developer ecosystem, doubled headcount to more than 700, and created breakthrough products such as Appcloud that are changing how we find and discover apps.

I could not be more proud of my time at ironSource. Making the decision to move on has been tough for me. In just 18 months, we established significant partnerships with the U.S. ecosystem, skyrocketed into the billion dollar unicorn club and put the company into a very strong position among the world’s largest independent discovery platforms. I am honored to have been a part of the journey and worked alongside so many great people.

I'm very excited to see what ironSource does next and will be rooting for the company and people from the sidelines.  Beyond this time of reflection, I am very excited to announce what’s next for me! More on that soon . . .

- Chris Cunningham

By 2020 there will be more than 400 million beacons

Nice coverage for Unacast on Street Fight this week.

Unacast co-founder and CEO Thomas Walle told the magazine, “A lot of companies are still in testing and trialing, but we’re moving out of that phase and into full commercial deployments. There is a lot of work being done in the beacon space and the pace of growth is accelerating.”

Thomas was discussing Unacast’s Q4 2015 Proxbook report, which includes these insights, among many others:

  • Beacons are on track to hit 400m deployed by 2020

  • There are 5m proximity sensors deployed globally

  • Eddystone is killing Apple in the beacon space

  • 51% of the PSPs in Proxbook are now operating beacon networks

Plus, there's a very valuable Top 10 list of proximity marketing use cases.

You can download Proxbook here.