From Scopely To, The Challenges Of Mobile Development

The world of mobile apps has added serious challenges for software developers, who don't just have to deal with crashes—they have to deal with slow performance, strange hangs, multiple carrier networks, and more. To try to make it easier for developers to better understand what is happening in those environments. We spoke with Eric Futoran, the CEO of, who also was co-founder of Scopely, to learn more about the company's software. raises $2.5 million to tell developers how their apps perform has raised $2.5 million so it can tell developers how their apps are performing, how fast they load, and whether they work properly.

Eniac Ventures led the round, with additional investments from The Chernin Group, Techstars Ventures, and BoxGroup. is releasing its platform to developers in a limited release today. The idea is to help developers diagnose the issues that disrupt mobile users’ experiences before they permanently leave the app, said CEO Eric Futoran, in an interview with VentureBeat.