The On-Demand Economy for Photojournalists

Citizen journalists, they say, are just one more way to meet the demands of an ever-hastening, multi-platform, 24/7 news cycle -- meet Fresco News: Uber for journalism.“This is another step in the future of TV news,” says Jim Driscoll, the vice president and news director at Fox 29 in Philadelphia, “We can gather the news in a profoundly new way.” 

This App Will Pay Anyone to Shoot News Videos 

Fresco is an app built for an on-demand service based on location. But unlike similar apps where you request a car, takeout, or a even a dog walker, Fresco puts a call out for a photojournalist. A newsroom posts a request for video of, say, a crime scene, and a Fresco user in the area can accept, take a video of it, and upload it to Fresco. If the news outlet uses it, the Fresco user gets paid $50.