Check out Homemade, get fresh food delivered to your office or at home

This fall I started mentoring for Tech Stars and the class of 2015 NYC. One of the companies I'm working with is Homemade. Homemade is a marketplace for home-chefs to share and sell their food direct-to-consumer through a mobile app.

To introduce more people to the business, Homemade is running an office lunch program, providing food made by a personal chef. The cooks deliver them right to your desks and put a face to the food they produce. The meals are in the $10-$15/person depending on the company's needs. 

Homemade has 75+ cooks capable of making any kind of cuisine you’re craving. Alternatively, they can take care of menu curation. If you are interested, please message me directly and I'll connect you. or check out