Artists and Creators have designs on Digital Drawing

One of the great things about getting in the trenches with founders is the opportunity to celebrate the little wins along the way. February was a nice month for the founders at Inkboard, a free and open social platform for visual communication that I've had the privilege of advising since 2012.

In addition to some interesting recent news regarding the benefits of digital drawing, the predicted market growth for building great mobile companies and the 2015 Mobile App Report from Comscore all point to the tremendous opportunities Inkboard is pursuing.

One of our favorite mentions this month came from Cardinal Points - the student run newspaper of Plattsburgh State University. In his article, David Luces quotes an art student who had the chance to experiment with Inkboard's Animatic app:

"I’ve never seen anything like this app, which is why it’s so unique. The fact that it’s free is amazing because most apps this complex aren’t free."

It's always nice to get direct feedback from users that underlines the core value propositions that Inkboard builds into their products. 

Take a look at some great work hereherehere and here to see what people are creating and saying about Inkboard and Animatic!