Strategic Advisor to the Founders

Inkboard and by are an easy way to draw and share with friends, and the canvas for creativity. Chris has worked with the founders since conception on this free, open and social platform for visual communication.

Animatic's fun and intuitive apps have rocketed to top rankings and been featured in major media, including Mashable, Tech Cocktail, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Gizmodo and Huffington Post

If posting is like paddling, doodling is floating out into the water.
— The New Yorker

Introducing is a simple and fun animation app for iOS and Android. With Animatic, users can create animated GIFs frame-by-frame using a variety of drawing tools, including crayons, pencils, markers and more. 

Animatic by Inkboard is sure to make even the most jaded of Internet surfers bow down to the power of your GIF wizardry.
— Huffington Post