Uru scores $700,000 to build 'content-aware' video ad tech

The funding was led by Notation Capital, with participation from Betaworks, PJC, Rough Draft, Thatcher Bell, Christian Noske of BWMi, Giphy CEO Alex Chung, Chris Cunningham of C2 Ventures and Eric Franchi of Undertone.

While Uru is still in the early stages of signing up advertisers and publishers, impressively, it’s already held discussions with the likes of AppNexus, who are excited about the technology.

Computer vision-powered ads that understand and harmonize with video content

Publishers & Creators - Pinpoint appropriate brand partners and instantly immerses them in your video in a seamless, likable way.

Brands - Enjoy 100% visibility and 0% skippability across all video platforms and reach consumers from inside the videos they love..

Video Platforms - Monetize in a new way, even on archival content, and enrich your ecosystem with a smarter pillar of video monetization.