A Life Ring for Marketers Drowning in Customer Data

An ever growing set of channels through which to communicate with your customers, millions of data points revealing behaviors and predicting intent, and the opportunity for a two way conversation.  You have more data, in more places, than ever before.  Do you feel empowered?  Or perhaps what you are feeling is a sense of drowning, as the sea of data grows and you are just treading water.  The good news is you are not alone.

Solving the Big, Hairy Problem

With the explosion of mobile, social and online channels, marketing is now at the forefront of the data-driven transformation of brands and customer experience. Today, marketers are swamped with data from all sides. Enterprise ERP and CRM systems, adtech systems, credit agencies, social channels, GPS and Beacon sources – all inundate the marketer with more data than ever before.